Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds present a unique opportunity to pool your money with other investors to purchase assets that might be difficult to acquire individually. Our high-quality funds solutions that invest in securities like shares, money market instruments, bonds, real estate, and other asset types are a smart, cost-effective investment option.

Choosing the right fund manager is just as important as selecting the appropriate fund to invest in. Our Mutual Funds are managed by professional Asset Managers, whose responsibilities are to implement the funds’ investment strategy and manage trading activities. You also benefit from their experience and advice, as they leverage their track record of over 25 years of producing top returns despite market shifts, to guide your investment choices.

There are two distinct funds available to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Sigma Cayman Global Equity (USD)

The Sigma Global Equity is largely an equities portfolio with short-term fixed income instruments to provide liquidity. Invested in equities listed on recognised global exchanges, this is suitable for investors with a moderate to high risk tolerance, who are seeking a return in line with the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500. These investors have a long-term horizon but may need liquidity from time to time.

Sigma Cayman Global Income (USD)

A US dollar investment portfolio, the Sigma Global Income provides liquidity for unit holders. The objective is to generate income and liquidity, as well as preserve capital over the medium-to-long-term. This is achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of Sovereign Debt, Corporate Bonds, Placements, Cash, Variable and Fixed Rate Securities, Repurchase Agreements, and other short-term instruments. Investors in this product will also benefit from monthly income distribution.

How It Works

  • Sagicor Sigma Funds afford you the flexibility of investing in an individual portfolio or a combination of portfolios, depending on your investment objectives and time horizon. The value of these investments may change from day to day and is determined by the prices prevailing at market close.
  • Expert Management: Our professional Fund Managers select the best investments to include in each portfolio, with the aim of outperforming the established benchmarks.
  • Flexibility: Unit holders have full access to their funds at any time.
  • Diversification: Investors in The Sigma Fund benefit from diversification within and across asset classes to manage risk.
  • Protection: A Trustee has oversight and ensures that the Unit Trust operates in accordance with the Trust Deed as specified by the Unit Trust Act and the Securities Act.
  • Transparency: Prices are published daily on our website. Statements are also produced quarterly or upon request, allowing you to monitor the performance of your investment.
  • Holding Period: With the exception of the Money Market portfolio, the minimum holding period for all the portfolios is 90 days.

Fund Performance*

*Conditions Apply. Prices can fluctuate due to market conditions. Results are not guaranteed and may be less than the amount invested. Past performance is no indication of future returns.

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