Trading in International Securities

With Sagicor Investments, you can purchase and sell securities including fixed income, equities, and exchange-traded funds. The minimum brokerage account holding is Twenty-Five Thousand US Dollars (US$25,000).

Fixed Income

Fixed income investments play a vital role in an investment portfolio. They provide stability and income and are generally less risky than equity investments. Sagicor Investments provides access to a variety of fixed income assets with credit in many areas ranging from investment grade to high yield.

For investors there are distinct benefits to fixed income investments:

  • Adding bonds to a stock portfolio may help to smooth out the highs and lows that inevitably come with a stock.
  • Fixed income investments can help you generate a steady source of income. Investors receive a fixed amount of income at regular intervals in the form of coupon payments on their bond holdings.
  • Fixed income investments can also provide your portfolio with protection from inflation.

Our stellar team of analysts, traders and financial advisors provide important and strategic insight into fixed income markets which will result in professional planning and execution of your investment goals, while taking your risk profile into account.


Equities or Stocks can be an important driver of growth in your investment portfolio. At Sagicor we connect you to opportunities in the global markets and our team of experts that can help you to build a diversified portfolio of equities.

Owning equities can benefit your investment portfolio in a number of ways which include protecting your money from inflation, building your savings and maximizing income from your investments. There are two main categories of equity: Common shares which offer liquidity, voting privileges, dividend income and capital growth and Preferred shares which offer reliable income streams.

Our experienced traders, analysts and financial advisors are just the combination you need to manage your investment portfolio.

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer investors built in diversification without a huge capital outlay. ETFs are similar to mutual funds because they allow investors to pool funds to invest in a wide range of assets which include stocks, bonds and other securities. ETFs are traded on a stock exchange and they allow investors to easily target a particular type of exposure for example, financial services, manufacturing, or technology.

Our team of analysts, traders and financial advisors will provide you with all the tools you need to harness the power and performance of investing in ETFs.

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