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Universal Investor

What is Universal Investor?

Universal Investor is a high yielding insurance investment plan with a basic $2000 Life Insurance Coverage. It is a ‘nifty’ investment vehicle for the astute individual who enjoys the flexibility of paying a small monthly premium ($100.00), but having the option to invest additional monies when desired.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Anyone who wishes to have the opportunity to make an excellent return on their investment.

What Additional Benefits Can I Expect?

The Universal Investor also has an in built death benefit. The death benefit payable is the sum insured plus the value of units.

How Much Will It Cost?

The minimum monthly contribution is $100.00, however you may invest any additional monies you wish, bearing in mind that the greater the investment, the greater the potential return.

Performance Strategy

1. Cayman Investment Fund (CIF)

This fund invests in listed securities on regional and international exchanges, as well as Bonds.

2. International Equity Fund (IEF)

This fund invests in equities, GOJ fixed and variable rate bonds, repos and Real Estate.

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